Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a psychological approach that dates back to the ’70s. It does require hypnosis and allows clients to analyze their behavior, thought patterns and perceptions to change their actions.

NLP helps clients,
    *Complete their goals
    *Converting “stuck” feelings into powerful resource states
    *Let go of unhealthy attachments to others
    *Clear the true origins of problems
    *Overcome procrastination and create dynamic motivation
    *Assists people to really heal from traumatic experiences
    *Tap into the clients own wellspring of internal resources
    *Clearing all kinds of fears and even debilitating phobias

Joyful Life Hypnotherapy offers neuro-linguistic programming sessions to clients in Tehachapi, California, Bakersfield and the surrounding areas. Take this step toward a better life and a more positive mindset. 

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