Rosemary Powell

Rosemary Powell, a board-certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist, is trained in the Integral Hypnotherapy method. Rosemary is a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy and a graduate of the prestigious Hypnotherapy Academy of America.

Rosemary has received 800 hours of hypnotherapy certification. She was trained by certified hypnotherapy instructors, physicians, and researchers in Integral Hypnotherapy—the only style of hypnotherapy in the current era that has been scientifically validated through a 4-year National Institute of Health funded study to be an effective, and in many cases, a “superior” modality. Integral Hypnotherapy is the adaptive, client-centered, and collaborative approach to hypnotherapy. It is the client who chooses the goal and the suggestions for therapy.

"Once I became a hypnotherapist I started practicing self-hypnosis daily because it is the best self-help tool that I’ve found. Over the past nearly 30 years I have cleared out my dysfunctional childhood issues, overcame low self-esteem, accelerated learning and test taking, received medical treatments without needing pain medications.

Having personally experienced the life changing benefits from hypnosis and hypnotherapy, I would love to help you achieve similar goals in your life."

Rosemary’s heart is full of empathy and compassion. Her insights were gained over years of experience and through her own life's journey. As a licensed registered nurse for 45 years with a Masters in Ed. Counseling, Rosemary has learned and practiced relaxation hypnotherapy techniques in helping others relieve stress, discomforts, grief, anxiety, trauma and let go of unwanted emotions, regaining successful, joyful lives. Her life experiences include Certified School Nurse, Hospice Nurse, Home Health Nurse, Nurse Educator, Medical/Surgical Nurse, Pediatric Nurse. With her extensive medical and health services knowledge, she is also able to work collaboratively with clients,  to provide a holistic approach for their emotional and physical well-being, partnering with or making personal referrals to additional professionals and resources as needed.

Rosemary's successful collaboration with patients, clients, and students of all ages across the Phoenix Valley is evident.  She is ever grateful for teachers: her four children and fourteen grandchildren.

“I have entered a most important chapter of my life," she notes, "by offering clinical hypnotherapy in private sessions in my office, in hypnotherapy workshops and virtually in Fountain Hills, Rio Verde, Scottsdale, Rio Verde and the greater Phoenix area. In hypnotherapy, we use universally accepted self-discovery methods, during an altered state of mind of deep relaxation and free you from the fear-based programming and assumed limitations, to reveal your natural state --- of LOVE, JOY and ABUNDANCE" 

Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Washington.
Master of Arts in Education Counseling, Northern Arizona University, 1991.
Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy Academy of America, 300 hours, 2021.
Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy Academy of America, 100 hours, 2021.
Natal, Inter Life, and Past Life Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy Academy of America, 100 hours, 2021.
ThetaHealing Basic DNA, ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge, 24 hours, 2021.
ThetaHealing Advanced DNA, ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge, 24 hours, 2021.
Facilitator: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Patrick Singleton, 80 hours, 2021.
Past Life Regression Therapy, California Hypnotherapy Academy, 15 hours. 2022

Workshop Facilitator:

• Self-Hypnosis Training (adults and teens)
• Stress Reduction
• Self-Esteem
• From Fear to Freedom
• Learn to Love Yourself 
• Healing the Inner Child
• Past Lives

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16810 Avenue of the Fountains, Suite #212
Fountain Hills, AZ, 85268, US

Rosemary Powell

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Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce
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Certified:  American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
Certified:  International Board Of Hypnotherapy